Library News

  • Work and Study Space Available in the Library

    The library recently expanded services, including: 

    • Increasing the allowable customer visit length to two-and-a-half-hours.
    • Socially-distant work and study areas in the library are available on a first-come, first-served basis, with one chair per table on the library's first floor, including Kids' World. An additional chair may be requested at the Tech Learning Center Desk or the Kids’ World Desk if the table allows for adequate social distancing, tables are limited to two users. Tables in the Hub are limited to one person/chair per table due to the size of the room.
    • Second floor conference rooms are not available at this time.
    • Computers are available

  • Drive-up Window Service Information

    Masks required for drive-up window service

    We are asking every drive-up window customer to wear a mask or face covering. This additional safety step is based on the most recent guidance from the Illinois Department of Health reiterating face coverings are an effective way to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

    Here's how drive-up pickup window service works:

    1. Have your library card and any additional family members' cards ready.
    1. Enter the library's parking garage. 
    2. Proceed ahead and around to the drive-up window. Please be alert for increased pedestrian and drive-through traffic.If you are on foot or a bike, please come in to

  • Jobs, Unemployment, Finances and Small Business Resources

    Resources for Job Seekers


    Resources for Unemployed Individuals 



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