Plagued: Invisible Armies
    (2015, original release: 1992)



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Invisible Armies: Filmed in the UK, Australia, Iceland, Hawaii and the USA, this episode looks at the interaction between our immune system and history. It draws the map of the world according to disease history and helps explain why Africa is still black. Jamaica has become black and Australia and the USA are mainly European.This series of four hours investigates the relationship between history, destiny and disease. An ancient disease has reached epidemic proportions in Los Angeles today. Measles is raging through the Hispanic population which is largely not immunised. They have travelled from poverty-stricken countries in Latin America for a better life and yet many of them are starting their new lives sick. A Film Australia/Goldwyn Associates Production for Channel Four and Film Australia. Copyright - 2011 National Film and Sound Archive of Australia. Executive Producer: Janet Bell Producer: Deanne Edwards Director: Edward Goldwyn Writer: Dr Norman Swan DOP/Cinematographer: Paul Williams

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Originally produced by National Film and Sound Archive of Australia in 1992

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